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Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a demyelinating disorder of the mesencephalon (midbrain). The very first area of the brain to myelinate, the medial longitudinal fasiculus (MLF), is the first area to demyelinate in MS. When this area fails to fire properly, it affects specific eye movements and visual acuity. As demyelinating continues down the spinal cord, people lose the ability to walk.

As a functional neurologist, Dr. Kemp is able to assess the magnitude of demyelination and help remap the brain through non-invasive techniques in order to improve gait, vision, and balance.


A diagnosis of MS can be frightening, and people often face a long road ahead. Slowing the onset of progressive symptoms is essential in maintaining quality of life.


Functional neurology optimizes the nervous system and gives people a chance at living life to their fullest capacity.

Did you know?

Myelin is made from fat. In order for the brain to make myelin, it requires the proper absorption of foods containing essential fatty acids by the gut.  Healthy gut function requires the right kind of signaling from the vagus nerve and brainstem. When the brainstem has lost its ability to signal to the gut, fat absorption decreases and negatively affects re-myelination.

Through hypoglossal and vagal nerve stimulation, Dr. Kemp activates and regrows these pathways for optimal brainstem and gut function.

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